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Air Conditioning A/C Repair and Services in North, Raleigh NC 27616

Epic Auto Center is a full service garage. Epic Auto Center is a full service garage. We specialize in foreign and domestic vehicles and provide services for all automobile makes and models right in your backyard in North Raleigh, NC.

Air Conditioning

Your vehicle’s air conditioning (A/C) system pressurizes Freon to create a gas that removes heat from the air entering your car. It then pushes the cooled air through the air conditioning vents for your comfort. Epic Auto Center can perform repairs on air conditioning systems for most vehicle makes and models.

Air Conditioning System Testing Service

First, a visual inspection of the air conditioning system will be performed to discover leaks and damage. Secondly, thorough tests are done to check pressures, Freon levels, and cooling temperature. If a leak is suspected, we can perform a dye test to verify the leak.

Freon Fill Service

This service adds Freon to your vehicle’s A/C system to bring it to the correct level for optimal performance.


This page is not an exhaustive list of all services which Epic Auto Center can perform on your vehicle. Call us at 919.876.3533 for more information or specific questions or fill out the form below.

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