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Epic Auto Center is a full service garage. Epic Auto Center is a full service garage. We specialize in foreign and domestic vehicles and provide services for all automobile makes and models right in your backyard in North Raleigh, NC.


Your vehicle’s brake system is very important for your safety because it allows your wheels to stop when needed. The brakes operate on a hydraulic system that begins with brake fluid located in the engine compartment. When you push the brake pedal, hydraulic pressure builds and is transferred to each wheel to push the brake shoes against the drums and the pads against the rotors. This friction slows the vehicle in proportion to the force applied to the brake pedal. Epic Auto can provide routine brake inspections and maintenance and brake repair service in North Raleigh, NC to help ensure that your vehicle’s brake system operates as designed at all times.

Brake Fluid Flush Service

For the best performance, your brake fluid should be flushed and replaced about every 3 years or based on your vehicle manufacturer’s specifications.

Front & Rear Brake Service

Epic Auto Center can perform all types of front and rear brake service including replacement of brake drums, shoes, pads, calipers, hoses, master brake cylinder, wheel cylinders, proportioning valve and Anti-Lock Brake (ABS) unit.

Resurfacing Brake Rotors and Drums

Resurfacing the rotors and drums creates a new surface for the brake pad. This extends their life and ensures even wear over time.

State Inspections

Clean air makes North Carolina a more pleasant place to live. When our air is clean we breathe better, feel better, and remain healthier. That’s why North Carolina complies with the federal Clean Air Act by requiring emissions inspections in highly populated areas.

When you register your newer gasoline-powered vehicles in an emissions county, your vehicle will have to pass an “On Board Diagnostics” emissions test. This is in addition to the safety inspection that your vehicle must also pass. Epic Auto Center can take care of your North Carolina state inspection needs.

Air Conditioning

Your vehicle’s air conditioning (A/C) system pressurizes Freon to create a gas that removes heat from the air entering your car. It then pushes the cooled air through the air conditioning vents for your comfort. Epic Auto Center can perform repairs on air conditioning systems for most vehicle makes and models.

Air Conditioning System Testing Service

First, a visual inspection of the air conditioning system will be performed to discover leaks and damage. Secondly, thorough tests are done to check pressures, Freon levels, and cooling temperature. If a leak is suspected, we can perform a dye test to verify the leak.

Freon Fill Service

This service adds Freon to your vehicle’s A/C system to bring it to the correct level for optimal performance.

Cooling System

The radiator (or cooling system) circulates coolant while you drive to regulate the temperature of your vehicles engine. Over time the coolant looses effectiveness which can lead to engine overheating and other consequent damage if not replaced every 5 years or 60,000 miles. The cooling system is critical to engine performance all year round, not just during hot weather. Epic Auto Center can perform cooling system repairs on water pumps, radiators, and thermostats for most vehicle makes and models.

Radiator Flush & Fill Service

This service includes an inspection of the radiator (or cooling system) to make sure that it is cooling the engine properly.

Hose Replacement Service

Epic Auto Center will inspect all hoses in the cooling system and replace those that are old and damaged so that coolant flows through the system properly.

Cooling System Repairs & Parts Replacement

Epic Auto Center can perform all types of cooling system repairs and parts replacement including replacement of radiator, thermostat, water pump, and heater core.


The engine is the life force of your vehicle; performing regular maintenance and fluid changes is important to avoid the risk of break-downs and expensive repairs. Epic Auto Center can perform all major and minor engine repairs and inspect all fluids and belts to maintain a high-performing, dependable engine.

Belts & Replacement Service

Your vehicle’s belts and hoses are essential to the functioning of the engine and the cooling and air conditioning systems. Replacing them at the correct intervals based on your vehicle manufacturer’s manual increase the dependability of your vehicle. Epic Auto Center can inspect and replace:


One of the most important parts of your vehicle, the transmission is a gearbox that controls the output of the engine to match the speed of the wheels. An automatic transmission uses a computer to select the precise gear to be used without any driver involvement while a manual transmission requires the driver to use a clutch and gear stick to change the gears. With a manual transmission, the clutch connects the engine to the transmission and allows the engine to keep running when the wheels stop. A torque converter performs the same function for an automatic transmission as the clutch does for a manual transmission.

Automatic Transmission Fluid Change Services

Changing the automatic transmission fluid according to your vehicle manufacturer’s specifications will keep your transmission clean and prevent premature wear and damage to the vehicle gears. We use OEM fluid for all transmission services.

Manual Transmission Fluid Change Service

Changing the manual transmission fluid according to your vehicle manufacturer’s specifications will keep your transmission clean and prevent premature wear and damage to the vehicle gears.

Transmission Removal and Replacement Service

Over time the gears in your transmission may become worn and need to be replaced. Epic Auto Center can diagnose problems with your transmission and replace it if necessary.

Clutch Repair Service

The clutch connects the engine to the transmission and allows the engine to keep running when the wheels stop by disconnecting it. Epic Auto Center can diagnose and repair problems with your clutch so that your vehicle runs smoothly and safely.

Check Engine Lights (CEL)

The Check Engine Light can indicate any number of problems with your engine; from serious to not so serious. Your vehicle’s computer stores diagnostic trouble codes (DTC) in the engine control module, which your Epic Auto Center technicians can access and determine the appropriate repairs needed.

Factory Scheduled Maintenance

Epic Auto Center strictly adheres to the manufacturer’s scheduled maintenance plan by mileage intervals as outlined for the vehicle’s specific year, make and model. Services performed in our 30k/60k/90k…. mile factory scheduled maintenance plans are based solely on the vehicle manufacturer’s maintenance schedule; for further details please contact Epic Auto Center for a full print out.

Maintenance Plans Performed at Epic Auto Center:

Oil Change

Want to keep your vehicle’s engine in tip top shape? Regular oil changes are vital to the long-term life of your vehicle’s engine. Check your vehicle’s owner’s manual for the suggested service interval. Epic Auto Center recommends checking oil level and tire pressures every fuel fill up.

Included in your service:

Tire Rotation

Keeping your tires properly inflated and rotating them every 5,000 miles will maximize the lifetime of your tires and helps to maintain precise handling and fuel economy in all driving conditions.

Pre-Purchase Inspections

Buying a car? Don’t make a costly mistake. We offer a comprehensive per-purchase inspection. We inspect the engine, transmission, suspension, paint, body, and electrical components.

Rear Differential Fluid Change

Rear differential service is a scheduled maintenance item that involves draining and refilling the gear oil housed in the differential. The rear differential is responsible for transferring power to the ground on rear and four-wheel-drive vehicles.


This page is not an exhaustive list of all services which Epic Auto Center can perform on your vehicle. Please call for more information or specific questions.

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